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About Pull-up studios

Pull-up studios will provide a service not yet available to the public. Going forward the enclosed trailer unit will be referred to as “the unit”. With pull-up studios, you will be able to rent a unit that includes all the equipment needed to record and produce professional-grade music. The plan includes renting the mobile GPS unit for an agreed amount of time, this will require a deposit and a signed contract. All units will have a/c and will be solar powered so the unit can function anywhere. Once the customer rents the unit and has selected the available add ons, the unit will be delivered to a place of their choosing. The customer then has access to the unit for the duration of his or her contract. On pick-up day the unit will be removed from the premises at 8 am, at which time the unit will be inspected by the driver. After recovery of the unit, your initial deposit will be returned in full provided there is no damage. Inside we have two rooms, the first room will have seating for the engineer and other guests. The second room is a soundproof booth for the recording artist. Call us now to check availability and book your studio time!!!!